Working with a Buyer Agent

Working with Buyer Agents

Working with an Real Estate Agent for 1st Time Buyers
Call your cousin, she’s a real estate agent!
I understand that blood is thicker than water but, a home is the largest single purchase that you will be making to date. Selecting the right agent for you can make a huge difference in your overall buying experience.
First let’s assume that all agents are created equal in terms of knowledge and skill.

  • Shop around
This is all about you! You will be depending a lot on this person and they will have a have a lot of information to give you. Make sure you are comfortable with them. Do they understand you and I am not just talking about language here? Are they listening to you, asking questions, clarifying? Are they patient with all your questions and do they take their time to answer? 
Drop by open houses, any open house and interview the agent hosting. It might not be the home you are looking for but you might really connect with the agent.
  • Advantages to Selecting an Real Estate Agent
While the internet is a great tool for previewing homes and it seems so easy to just call the agent with the listing to book a showing. In reality, not always. I have heard many stories of unreturned calls, etc. I think one of the best advantages of working with one agent is the administrative things. One phone call or email and your agent is off to the races calling the other offices, making showing appointments, taking the confirmations, all while you continue on with your day.
Additionally, your agent should be working for you.  When walking through a house, your needs, plans should be in the forefront of their minds. Do you like to do big renovations or littles ones? What do you consider a big renovation? What are your future plans? Hopefully you have discussed some of these with your agent.  A stunning kitchen might make you forget that there is nowhere for the future children to play…
  • My Agent is in …. I don’t want to have to make them make the drive for nothing.
If you are looking in a new neighbourhood, by all means, drop by the open houses, do drive-bys, research your area
However, if you want to make an offer, your agent needs to see the listing. If your cousin is too busy or doesn’t want to make the drive, go back to point 1.
No agent should be too busy to show a house. It should never be an inconvenience. Showing houses is an integral part of an agent’s duties to you their client. How can an agent put in an offer without having seen a listing, know what is included, what to ask for, potential issues, do a proper comparable?
  • Don’t Dismiss a Newer Real Estate Agent
While a new agent may not have a 100 deals in their back pocket, they may make up for this with extra diligence in making sure your options are researched thoroughly and frankly may be more inclined to make more of an effort for you as you will be incredibly important to them.

Dawn and Pierre Belley
Real Estate Representatives
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